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We're Dedicated to Our Partner Dentists

We have been locally owned and operated since 1993, started doing gold inlays for students passing boards, staying up all night for UMKC dental School. Through all the different materials from Dicor to Belleglass, Now Zirconia 3D printed materials. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on all the latest materials and providing the right options for each practice

Our Services

We're the lab dentists can count on for the experience needed for complex cases and for the life-like restorations your patients expect.

Crown & Bridge

Our high-quality fixed restorations are the ideal option for a variety of cases. We offer the latest in all-ceramic materials like full-contour zirconia and IPS e.max® as well as PFM in High Noble and Semi-Precious.

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Custom Shades

We understand that your patient's needs go beyond traditional crowns, bridges, and implant-retained prostheses. We are happy to offer additional services, such as case consult and shade matching to help ensure patient and customer satisfaction.

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Removables & Guards

Made with the most accurate and up-to-date scanning technology.

∙ Mouth Guards
∙ Flexi Partials

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∙ Single Tooth
∙ Multiple

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∙ Custom
∙ Prefabricated
∙ Closed Tray
∙ Open Tray
∙ Angulated Prefabricated
∙ Screw Retained
∙ Cementable
∙ Soft Tissue

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Made in the USA

Rest Assured

Integrity and the quality of the outcome are everything. That's why our work is made right here in the USA with FDA-approved materials and workflows. We're also fast which is great for your chair time and your patients.

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Digital Workflows

On the Cutting Edge

Our technicians are as experienced as they come and work with both analog, and digital workflows. We digitally scan all of our cases in our lab using the latest in digital dentistry software. We also keep things simple by working with all STL files.

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Local Service

Pickup & Delivery

Sometimes the little things can bring peace of mind and have the biggest impact. We offer free local pick up and delivery, as well as affordable shipping for those outside of our local pick up and delivery region.

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No Hassle

Fast Seat Times

Practice makes perfect and we have dialed in a great process for getting you the ideal margin to get the job done, fast! That means more happy patients and more patients served.

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